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Red Bottom Shoes

The one designer every girl around the world loves unconditionally is Christian Louboutin.Christian Louboutin Outlet. From his studded stilettos or his beautiful lipsticks, the ace French designer is versatile and his designs are a global phenomenon. While every fashionista aspires to own a striking studded pair of Christian Louboutin’s stilettos, news just in that the brand may lose the trademark red sole. Here’s what fascinates celebrated designer Tommy Hilfiger.


Louboutin had filed a lawsuit in 2012 against Van Haren, a Dutch company whose retail outlets were selling affordably priced high-heeled women’s shoes with red soles.Christian Louboutin Sale. Lawyers for Louboutin claimed that the shoes sold by Van Haren, part of its Fifth Avenue by Halle Berry line, infringed his brand’s trademark for footwear.Christian Louboutin Shoes. That trademark, registered in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, referred to “the colour red applied to the sole of a shoe.”It then declared that the “opinion is not a blow or a setback in Christian Louboutin protection of its famous red sole mark but is ultimately reinforcing our rights.”


Red Bottom Shoes.Louboutin awaits ruling on the brand’s case against Dutch high-street chain Van Haren, which dates back to 2012 when the brand released a line of Louboutin lookalikes. At the time, the District Court in The Hague agreed that Van Haren’s shoes infringed the Christian Louboutin trademark, and ordered Van Haren to stop producing shoes with red soles.Replica Christian Louboutin. Van Haren appealed against the decision and in 2014 the case was referred to the ECJ for “clarification”. The ECJ’s new statement is likely to be highly influential on the judge’s decision on Louboutin’s intellectual property rights.